paint colour selection

$147.00 + GST

As a Certified True Colour Expert™ I am trained to pick the right paint colours for any space. No need to guess and hope it's good enough. I'll help identify the neutral undertones in your home and determine what paint will look best. This service is per room/area.;



How It Works

Take Photos Of Your Space

I'll need about 6-10 photos taken in natural daylight. You'll submit these photos in step 2.

Fill Out The Questionnaire

Before I can help select paint colours for your home I'll need to know more about you and some details about the space. Please complete your project questionaire along with pictures of the area to be painted.

Paint selection Presentation

Once I receive all your photos and the completed questionnaire, I'll assess your space to pick the right paint colour. In about 3-4 days, you'll receive a presentation outlining my suggestions. Please test the paint first and if you need feedback, send in pictures of your samples so I can take a look.