Frequently Asked Questions

eDesign is short for virtual or online design. It's a convenient and affordable way to get expert interior decorating advice. All designs are collaborated and delivered online.

Having a thought-out design plan in place is the foundation of a well-designed room. It's a road map that's beneficial to both the homeowner and the contractor/trades involved. It allows everyone to see the vision of the design and execute it more easily and clearly. With having a detailed plan there is less room for error.

Always! My goal is make the best possible use of your budget and space. Whether the focus is on big or small changes, I can help you establish and prioritize your needs. After the initial consultation we can work together through an eDesign service or in person on an hourly basis. How many hours needed will be completely dependent on the scope of work, your needs and budget.

You will be billed as soon as you confirm you want to proceed with a service. Payment is required before work begins. For continual flat-rate billing, you will be notified when the hours you purchased are approaching the limit. You'll then be asked if you wish to continue for a specified time block before your next bill is sent.

It completely depends on the complexity of the design, how quick you are at decision making or how busy I am with other projects. Turnaround time can range from 2-4 weeks.

Of course! This is your home after all. I want you to be happy with how it looks and functions for you and your family. We'll go over all of your wishes, concerns, thoughts, aesthetic, budget and anything else to consider before work even begins. I'll also offer my expertise to ensure the space is well balanced, has great flow, colour harmony, lighting, etc.

I want you to be completely satisfied with your final design. If for some reason you're not loving it, please contact me to discuss.

Nope! The floor plans and renderings are completely conceptual and are not meant to be used for construction purposes. Please have a licensed professional (such as a contractor or electrician) to go over the plans carefully and verify all measurements before work begins.

I'm naturally drawn to simple but elegant design. I like spaces that are clean, livable, and functional. I look to add quality pieces over quantity, especially with furniture. I work with my clients to create a space that reflects these design principles as well as their own personality, style and goals.

The consultation will take up to 2 hours. During this working session we'll tour the areas to be decorated/staged/renovated and any other spaces that might be relevant. I'll provide you with valuable guidance, tips and actionable steps to get you started. We may even start moving things around if you're up for it!

The 15min discovery call helps me get to know you, your space, style, budget and your goals for your home. During our call we'll go over the questionaire together and I'll let you know a bit about my services. By having our chat you'll be better prepared going into the consultation and knowing how I can best help you moving forward. If you wish, you can book your 2hr consultation at this time.